What is this thing?

It's a tool that allows you to syncronice your Readmill highlights with Dropbox!

How does it work?

You login with your Readmill credentials and choose one or more books to sync. The first time you'll be redirected to Dropbox and asked to authorize the app. Then the highlights in those books will be transfered to all your devices linked to that Dropbox account.

Do I have to come here every time I add a new highlight?

What? No! We'll update your files automatically for you.

Ok ok, I synced the files and now I have a file called BOOK_TITLE.md in my account. What is .md?

.md is the extension of a Markdown file . You can open the file with any text editor, but if it supports Markdown it will appear nicely formated.

Who created this?

I did... hi!

Nice! I'd like to support this project

Thanks! You can use this PayPal button →


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Sync your Readmill highlights with Dropbox.

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